Tom Bradby to host new ITV1 8 x 30” studio discussion series

ITV has commissioned a new discussion show for 2012, to be fronted by ITV News’ political editor, Tom Bradby.

ITN Productions will produce the eight-part series, which will tackle the hot topical issues of the week. In each programme Tom will be joined by four studio guests to talk through the controversies and talking points of the past seven days. Drawn from across a range of backgrounds, the panellists will contribute diverse perspectives to half an hour of compelling discussion on the stories that people really care about, from politics to popular culture.

Filmed at The Hospital, the series will be broadcast on ITV1 in the spring in a weeknight slot. It is commissioned by Ian Squires, Controller of Current Affairs & News Operations at ITV. Executive Producer is Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions.

Ian Squires said: “By offering a forum for intelligent discussion, this new series brings to ITV1’s schedule a fresh opportunity for our channel to engage with viewers on the issues and stories they’re talking about and that matter to them, while they’re at their most current.”

Tom Bradby said: “If the issue – be it political, societal, cultural or historical – is in the news and on the agenda, you would expect to see it debated here. We will aim to provide more light than heat, but we won’t duck controversy, nor take ourselves too seriously.”

“This series will be for viewers who want insightful debate about the week’s news agenda,” said Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions. “Tom’s long career covering UK, international and political stories combined with his experience as a novelist and screenwriter makes him a well-informed and engaging host to cover a wide range of topics with his guests.”

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