ITV commissions 2011 Year in Review

Mark Austin is to front a two-part programme on ITV1 reviewing an extraordinary year of non-stop UK and international news to run at the end of 2011.

Produced by ITN Productions, That Was 2011: the ITV News Review of the Year will tx in two 30’’ instalments.

The programmes will include the historic Arab Spring, the devastating Japanese tsunami, and celebrations around the royal wedding, among other stories which have defined this year.

ITV News at Ten presenter Mark Austin, who was on location reporting on some of the year’s biggest stories, will re-live events through the eyes of award-winning correspondents who were there to witness history being made. Personal perspectives from ITV News correspondents and interviews with individuals at the heart of the year’s events will show viewers what it was like to experience the drama first-hand.
The programme is commissioned by Ian Squires, Controller of Current Affairs and News Operations at ITV. Executive Producer is Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions, and Producer/Director is Andy Dunn.

Ian Squires said: “This is an ambitious way to end what has been – by any account – a remarkable year. Our aim is to offer more than a run down on the year. ITV News has great correspondents and in these two programmes there will be personal insight on what it was like to be an eye-witness to some of the game-changing events of the year.”

“This has been an unbelievable and relentless year for news events and one that will live long in the memory of many journalists,” said Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions. “This two-part programme will give viewers the inside track from the people who made the news and the correspondents who reported it for ITV News. Mark Austin is the perfect journalist and presenter to guide viewers through the year’s events and put them in their social and political context.”

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