ITNedu video education service launches 10 new subject areas

  • Thousands of archive clips and current news, TV and film clips adapted to enhance academic learning
  • 11 academic subject areas, with 67 accompanying ‘playlists’ covering specific topics
  • Enhanced site functionality with the ability to browse footage by subject area, view and download content online
  • New eduNews service involving creation of Education- based news service to support English language teaching

ITN Source, the footage licensing division of ITN, launched ITNedu, a new service for the digital education sector in June earlier this year.  The service offers authentic news and editorial footage to illustrate academic concepts, enabling digital education providers to enhance their products with more relevant and memorable video content.

Thousands of clips, hand-picked by subject matter experts have been now added, covering eleven subject areas including History, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Design and Technology, Business Studies, Citizenship, Physics, Elementary Science, English Language Teaching (ELT) and Business English.

The clips can be easily browsed by Subject area, or more specifically, using pre-selected ‘Playlists’. ITNedu has created 67 new playlists covering specific topics within relevant subject areas, for example History playlists include WW1, The Great Depression, WW2, Dictators, Propaganda, Women’s Suffrage and Slavery, whereas Business Studies features playlists such as Economic Environment, Enterprise, Marketing and Branding.

The enhanced site functionality of enables registered users to browse, preview and download clips online, including the meta data files for easy integration into existing platforms and digital products.

ITN’s award-winning Production teams have also adapted the eduNews service, an education news bulletin based on topical news stories of the day, to create a bespoke ELT eduNews service creating authentic news-style bulletins around topics specially scripted for English Language Teaching. The material is suitable to support listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, reading & writing skills for a variety of different competency levels.

Dan Mills, Commercial Director for ITNedu says: “After a successful beta launch this summer where we focused on one initial subject area, Physics, it’s great we now have 11 subject areas and enhanced functionality on the site. We’ve used the launch of the Airbus A380 to talk about properties of Titanium [components], the probability of winning the lottery to demonstrate statistics and a bicycle made out of recycled cardboard to illustrate design & technology. Throw in extreme sports to demonstrate laws of motion and you’ve got a pretty compelling reason to use video in the classroom. In many cases, the videos we’re selecting are the type of quirky clips students might send viral, so they’re fun too – we just had to apply the academic knowledge to bring the two together.”

ITNedu is able to access news, TV & film footage from the vast ITN Source video library consisting of over 2.8 million assets dating back to 1896. The archive is being continually refreshed and added to on a daily basis. To ensure the clips were referenced accurately for education use, ITNedu enlisted the help of teachers and academics, who selected clips from the archive and tagged them with educational vocabulary and keywords, making it easier for publishers and learning content providers to find the content they need. And if they can’t find the video they’re looking for, ITNedu will find it or produce it for them to order. All the clips mentioned above and more can be seen on

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About ITNedu

ITNedu, ITN’s education service, offers high quality video from real world events to enhance educational resources, making them more relevant and memorable. All the video clips have been hand-selected by Subject Matter Experts for quality, relevance and visual impact.

ITNedu is part of one of the world’s largest video archive resources, ITN Source, which owns or represents global archives spanning 120 years, including Reuters, ITN, ITV Studios, Fox News, Fox Movietone, CCTV and ANI.

ITNedu offers a wide range of Services, including self-serve ‘Search & Select’, made to order Bespoke Playlists, full API access for library services and up-to-date eduNews service created by ITN’s award winning Production teams for either topical discussion or language teaching.

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