ITN Source News launches new website and subscription service for international customers

ITN Source News, which syndicates on-the-day content to broadcasters and agencies worldwide, is offering international media outlets a new web-based subscription service for immediate download of breaking news video content.

The website and service is launching at this year’s News Xchange conference ahead of an expected busy news year, with the London 2012 Olympics and Diamond Jubilee both on the horizon. The service is targeted at broadcasters and web-based publishers that want daily news footage from ITN’s award-winning newsroom and production teams but lack the broadcast technology and infrastructure for the full syndication service offered by ITN Source News.

The new easy-to-use self-service website at will give customers unlimited access to over 80 news highlight clips at broadcast quality every week. These clips will cover the day’s key stories of global interest across a multitude of genres with a focus on Entertainment, Royal, Sport, Politics and Business news. The site will feature a new search function, with clips available to preview or download so that clients can quickly find and access content for that day’s news.

“At a time when the news agenda shows no sign of abating, customers will find our new website and subscription service of huge value,” said Fiona Dodd, Head of News Syndication at ITN Source News. “Some broadcasters and web-based publishers want access to on-the-day ITN content but don’t have the infrastructure for our full syndication service. Our new website will mean they have news content at the touch of a button in a digital format that suits them.”

The website is iPad compatible so that clients can use it while on the move. It will launch at the News Xchange conference on 2nd November. Broadcasters and web-based publishers that want to subscribe to the new service can register online at or email to subscribe or arrange a meeting with ITN Source News at News Xchange for more information.

This service complements the current full-service offering from ITN Source News. Bespoke services from ITN Source News include offering clients ITN’s coverage in the form of several hours of footage and rushes every day, live feeds, highlight clips and reporter packages from ITN’s award-winning teams on ITV and Channel 4. The business also provides extensive broadcast facilities throughout the UK for international clients.

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