ITN Source Launches 'On This Day In History'

ITN Source, the footage licensing arm of ITN, has launched a new product called “On This Day in History” that publishers and broadcasters can use on online, mobile and broadcast platforms.

“On This Day in History” features rich archive footage relating to significant events that happened on particular days in the calendar. Footage contained in the collection spans the archives represented by ITN Source including the ITN, ITV, Reuters and Fox Movietone archives. Iconic moments that feature include Marilyn Monroe landing in a windswept England for the premiere for the Prince and the Showgirl, in a clip to mark her death on August 5th 1962; Amelia Earhart being interviewed about her record breaking Atlantic flight, landing in Wales on 18th June 1928; Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s wedding of 29th July 1981; and Google being incorporated on 7th September 1998.

The collection is being made available for license to education, lifestyle and news publishers who can integrate “On This Day in History” into existing content to enhance their offering whether it be online, mobile or TV output. Each clip includes graphics and a brief explanation of the event that it is associated with.

“Daily anniversaries and historical events have long been listed and marked by newspapers and other news sources,” said Dan Mills, Head of Business Development at ITN Source. “On This Day in History enhances this concept by compiling rich archive footage that websites, education publishers, broadcasters and many others can integrate with their existing content. Whether it’s a history-making event, news about the rich and famous, or something quirky – this product will enable a multitude of publishers to have engaging, factual and informative footage 365 days a year.”

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