ITN publishes Diversity and Inclusion Report

  • 9.7% mean gender pay gap shows a 35% year-on-year improvement [201915.0%] 
  • Sustained progress in representation of BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled colleagues across the company, with some representation targets achieved two years ahead of schedule  
  • Mean ethnicity pay gap has reduced slightly to 19.4(2019: 19.6%). Despite the increased BAME representation at ITN, the pay gap remains fairly static due to lower BAME representation in more senior roles. 

ITN has published has become one of the first UK media organisations in 2020 to publish its Diversity and Inclusion Report.  

You can read the full report here: ITN Diversity and Inclusion Report 2020 (PDF)

The report, which includes the results of a company-wide diversity census, as well as the latest gender and ethnicity pay gap data, shows that the company is progressing well against its representation targets but that significant work remains to ensure that BAME colleagues are represented at every level of seniority throughout ITN.

The report also presents ITN’s comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing our pay gaps and increasing diverse representation at every level of the organisation. The strategy focuses on four key areas: recruitment, progression, culture and accountability, and includes 21 key actionsincluding: 

  • Trialling anonymised CVs 
  • BAME representation on interview panels to complement our existing policy of at least one woman and one BAME candidate interviewed for every new role. 
  • Introducing mandatory inclusive leadership training for all employees 
  • Launching a new disability policy 
  • Reviewing all existing diversity and inclusion targets 

Anna Mallett, CEO said: Diversity and Inclusion is a priority at ITN, and we have spent many months analysing the data from our 2019 staff census in order to create goals, pledges and strategies that will bring about lasting, structural change in our organisation. Getting this right is central to our creative and commercial success, and this strategy will help us create a vibrant, inclusive, collaborative culture enabling us to benefit from a rich diversity of thought, ideas and innovation. 

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