ITN Productions Announces New Global Digital Strategy

ITN Productions has announced a new insight-led digital strategy which sees the creation of a single sales opportunity across its digital global audience. The solution is powered by Rightster, the cloud based software and services provider for online video.

For the first time, brands will be able to advertise via a single buying point on to ITN’s news and entertainment content produced by ITN Productions that features on platforms and sites such as AOL, Dailymotion, and national newspaper websites including and This video content spans multiple news genres, entertainment and sport, currently delivering a global audience in excess of 50m views per month across mobile and online. Analytics give insight to performance of particular genres and individual pieces of content. This solution is enabled by Rightster’s resilient automation and integration software, allowing a flexible, seamless assimilation to all its global publishing and advertising partners for both on demand and live video content, across any platform.

Media owners and platforms can now benefit from this new strategy as Rightster’s technology enables any publisher or platform to license advertiser funded ITN Productions content.

Mark Browning, Managing Director at ITN Productions, said: “Our unique digital strategy collapses the value chain for both advertisers and publishers. We are connecting our content and the related advertising with audience eyeballs regardless of where the content is viewed or on what platform. In partnership with Rightster, we are now able to automate and simplify the distribution and sales process so that there is a single buying point for agencies and brands who want access to a premium news audience.”

Charlie Muirhead, CEO and Founder of Rightster commented: “Online video is an extremely complicated market and one that companies can potentially pour huge amounts of time, resource and budget in to, risking a lot for very little return. It needn’t be this way. We’ve brought a supply-chain management way of thinking to digital media to help drive flexibility, effectiveness and speed into a business’ offerings.”

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