ITN Productions And Channel 5 News Produce Fast-Turnaround Philpott Documentary

ITN Productions and Channel 5 News produce fast-turnaround documentary on Philpott guilty verdict

At 9pm tonight, Channel 5 will broadcast “Philpott Housefire: The Truth” a fast-turnaround hour long documentary about the high-profile story of Mick Philpott, his wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley, who were earlier today found guilty of causing the death of six of Philpott’s 17 children.

Co-developed by ITN Productions and ITN-produced Channel 5 News, the hour-long documentary features new material about the tragic event and lengthy trial, and tries to understand how parents could set fire to their home while some of their children were asleep upstairs. As Mick and Mairead Philpott and Paul Mosley now await sentencing, this programme includes an exclusive interview with Vicky Ferguson and Adam Taylor – the couple who Mick Philpott tried to blame for starting the fire. The programme also includes interviews with police involved, neighbours and family as well as psychologists, who give their opinion on the nature of the crime and behaviour of the defendants during the investigation and trial.

The collaboration combines the long-form programming expertise within ITN Productions with Channel 5 News’s extensive coverage of the case since the fire occurred in Allenton, Derby, in May 2012 . Fronted by Channel 5 News presenter Emma Crosby, “Philpott Housefire: The Truth” has substantial contributions from Correspondent Peter Lane, who has followed the case from the outset, and makes use of Channel 5 News facilities and graphics.

The documentary is the first ITN commission from Ben Frow, Director of Programmes at Channel 5. It is Executive Produced by Guy Davies, Head of Documentaries at ITN Productions, with editorial input from Channel 5 News Editor Geoff Hill. Producer/Director is Andy Dunn.

Ben Frow said: “This story has dominated the headlines for weeks and now it’s reached a conclusion Channel 5 is the first to produce a documentary about this tragic event.”

“This tragic and complex case has had substantial news coverage, but warrants a longer analysis to explain to viewers exactly what happened and why,” said Guy Davies. “Thanks to new exclusive material and the extensive newsgathering from the Channel 5 News team, we’re able to delve into the psyche of what might have motivated parents to do such a thing and their attempts to cover it up. This has been a productive collaboration that draws on the strengths of ITN’s production division and news operations to give extra insight to a truly harrowing story.”

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