ITN launches new video service targeting digital education market

• Archive & current news footage, TV & film clips adapted for academic learning.
• Video clips tagged to specific curriculum topics designed to significantly improve discoverability and relevance of content for education publishers.
• ITNedu launches initial beta phase ahead of full functionality launch in the Autumn.

ITN Source, the footage licensing division of ITN, is launching ITNedu, a new service targeting the burgeoning digital education sector. The ultimate aim of this new service is to enhance the learning experience for students and help make content more relevant and memorable by including authentic news and editorial footage. For the initial launch of ITNedu, you will see examples of how news footage can illustrate specific topics within Physics and the service will be extended to include a wide range of academic subjects later this year.

ITNedu is able to access news, TV & film footage from the vast ITN Source video library consisting of over 2.8 million assets, which is being continually refreshed and added to on a daily basis. Clips are being tagged by Subject Matter Experts with education vocabulary making it easier for education publishers and learning content providers to discover the content and bring academic concepts to life. The archive can not only show historic events but also be used for science, technology, engineering, maths, English language teaching, geography, politics and so on. The demand for video within the Education sector is predicted to grow sharply within the next few years assisted by government plans and initiatives to ensure more learning is delivered via digital methods.

ITN Source’s archive has already been adapted to teach a wide range of subjects in the classroom; Obama speeches teaching Japanese students English-language, the parabolic walkie-talkie building in London teaching UK Primary the properties of light, Titanic footage teaching German secondary students history and a report on DNA teaching US undergraduates about the uses of Technology in Medicine. The launch of ITNedu, which is aimed at education publishers rather than schools, is designed to take the use of archive video within the Education sector to a whole new level.

Dan Mills, Commercial Director for ITNedu says: “It’s a marvellous and undeniably gratifying use of the archive, taking real-life footage captured over the last 120 years and making it relevant in the classroom. We’ve used extreme sports to demonstrate friction, dance festival stage effects to illustrate electromagnetic radiation and the recent solar eclipse for Earth Sciences. In many cases, the videos we’re selecting are the type of quirky clips kids might send viral, so they’re fun too – we just had to apply the academic knowledge to marry the two.”

As part of the beta launch which went live in May, ITNedu has focused specifically on news footage that can be used to teach Physics, a topic specifically chosen as one you may not expect a news archive to be able to illustrate. ITNedu enlisted the help of teachers themselves, who selected clips from the news archive and tagged them with disciplinary core ideas and keywords. For example a clip of the world’s fastest downhill mountain bike attempt on snow can be used to demonstrate Newton’s Law of Motion. Other examples illustrate resonance and wave properties using the wobbly Millennium Bridge in London or the 2013 Russian Meteorite to demonstrate the relationships between energy and forces. These clips and others can be seen on the ITNedu site

Phase 2 launch is set for the Autumn, with full search, playlist creation and download functionality.

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