ITN publishes Gender Pay Gap Report 2017/18

Latest figures show significant improvement on both pay and bonus gap figures

  • 16.7% mean pay gap shows a 14.8% year-on-year improvement [2016-17: 19.6%]
  • 60% mean bonus gap shows a 22.3% year-on-year improvement [2016-17: 77.2%]
  • Solid progress against tough targets to halve the gender pay gap by 2022

ITN has today published its gender pay gap for 2017-2018 showing solid progress against the targets it set back in March to reduce the gap.

The media organisation has reported a mean pay gap of 16.7% and mean bonus gap of 60%, showing a 14.8% and 22.3% improvement respectively on the 2016-17 figures.

The median pay gap is 18.1%, marginally down from 18.2% last year, and the median bonus gap is now reduced to 0%, down from 50% last year.

You can read the full report here: ITN Gender Pay Report 2017-2018

As part of the comprehensive action plan put in place back in March, ITN committed to three key targets to halve the gender pay gap and see women occupy half of the top 20 highest earning roles by 2022, with a third in position by 2020.

These latest figures show ITN is firmly on track to achieve those targets, with the company now a third of the way to achieving its goal of halving its gender pay gap.

The number of women in the highest earning positions has also increased – doubling during this reporting period, with six of the top 20 highest paid roles now occupied by women.

The company has also instituted a raft of industry-leading initiatives in order to continue to support the attraction, retention and progression of women, particularly into senior roles. These include open processes for all roles, mixed gender interview panels, the introduction of independent salary checkers, a new summer leave policy, as well as a range of training and confidence building initiatives.

ITN CEO John Hardie said: “When we published our initial gender pay gap report we set ourselves tough targets to tackle an issue that is reflected across all industry and society. We have already made good progress, but this is just the start of a journey to which ITN is fully committed. We continue to put in place and monitor initiatives to drive further change and to work with our employees to create an environment in which everyone can thrive and succeed.”

The publication of these latest gender figures follows ITN’s decision to become one of the first media organisations to publish its BAME pay gap report in July this year, and introducing the policy for at least one BAME candidate to be interviewed for every role.

Tackling both the gender and BAME pay gap remains a key priority for ITN and its management team, with all management bonuses dependent upon reaching exacting gender and diversity targets across the organisation.

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