Education Digital 2 Limited Confirmed As Prefered Supplier For Teachers Tv

Consortium poised to secure a five year contract

14.03.08 Education DIGITAL 2 Limited has beaten off strong competition and is set toretain the prestigious Department for Children, Schools and Families’ (DCSF) contract for digital TV channel Teachers TV for a further five years. Brook Lapping/TenAlpsPLC remains the major shareholder with a 75% stakeholding, and is joined by ITN (Independent Television News Limited) which also brings Espresso Education andChannel 4 Learning.

Chairman of Education Digital 2, Brian Lapping, welcomed the DCSF’s decision andsaid: ‘The consortium between Brook Lapping/Ten Alps PLC and ITN brings TeachersTV exactly the skills it needs for the next phase of its development. The existing ED team has launched and developed the channel – earning high praise from the Secretary of State and the profession. The new contract will enable us to establish thechannel as a permanent and valued part of the education world.’

Mark Wood, Chief Executive of ITN commented: ‘Teachers TV has been a great success under its current management team and ITN is delighted to be involvedin taking it forward. ITN brings experience as a TV news organisation, a factual programme-maker and as a world-leading video archive business, where wehave growing involvement with digital education platforms. ITN has also developed market-leading expertise in multimedia production for broadband and mobile. We believe we can tap into this combination of skills to contribute to the nextphase of Teachers TV’s successful evolution.”

Espresso Broadband Limited’s companies, Espresso Education and Channel 4Learning, also offer the consortium a new route to reach schools and access to a richsource of additional content. Richard McGrath, Managing Director, commented: ‘We see Espresso and Channel 4 Learning as providing Teachers TV with a direct channel into schools. We are keen to embed Teachers TV’s highly regarded service into our offering, which is subscribed to by 55% of English primary schools, as we believe ittruly fulfils a need by supporting a teachers’ personal pursuit of professional development.

Education Digital 2 will be led by the existing management team and Chief Executiveand Creative Director for Teachers TV, Andrew Bethell, is delighted with the DCSF’sdecision and said: ‘We laid out an exciting vision for the future and I am delighted with the DCSF’s decision to make ED2 the preferred supplier. The existing management team relishes the opportunity to build on the initial success of TeachersTV and to work closely with both Brook Lapping/Ten Alps PLC and ITN in the next phase of the channel.

NOTES to Editors:

Brook Lapping/Ten Alps

Brook lapping is an internationally renowned documentary production company. Ten Alps is the sole shareholder in Brook Lapping. Ten Alps is a factual mediacompany with output ranging from high quality broadcast documentaries toniche, multi-platform content such as Teachers TV.


ITN is one of the most diverse and dynamic content creators in the world, producing news and factual programming for media ranging from television tobroadband to mobile phones. Its business comprises: ITN News, ITN On, ITNSource, ITN Consulting and ITN Factual.

Teachers TV

Teachers TV is an innovative digital TV channel and broadband internet service designed to help support everyone that works in education to raise standards inschools in England.

The channel has filmed over 5,000 teachers in 2,000 schools and over 1,600 educational experts, advisers and academics have been filmed. The TeachersTV website has had 1.2 million visitors to date and has over 100,000 registered users.

Teachers TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on digital satellite(Sky 880), digital cable (Virgin TV 240), Tiscali TV (845), and between 11am -1 pm on Freeview (88). Over 1800 videos are available to watch online at anytime.

The management team

The existing management team that is currently leading Teachers TV form the management team for Education Digital 2 and bring with them significant experience in successfully operating the channel.

For rurther information and to find out more about Teachers TV, please contact Natalie Orringe or Emily Lacey on 020 7400 4480 or e-mail

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