Channel 5 expands news service

5 News relaunches on November 8 – a bigger show, a focus on viewer engagement and more perspectives from across the UK.

The new-look 5 News is getting bigger and bolder with the launch of an hour-long edition. With more time to tell the stories that matter most and more interaction, it’s a fresh take on a daily news programme putting people across Britain at the heart of the story.

The expanded programme will deliver a greater depth of stories to a teatime audience – keeping the pace and tone enjoyed by existing 5 News viewers with an increased emphasis on analysing the issues that affect their lives the most.

The programme will be presented by Sian Williams and Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije and run from 5pm to 6pm. It’s produced by ITN.

5 News will continue its boldness to lead on different stories to other news programmes by engaging viewers on a local level with a live team deployed across the UK. They’ll be out on the streets every day to hear how communities are impacted by political and economic decisions, giving space to under-represented voices and ideas.

For the first time on a daily news programme, viewers will be able to WhatsApp the presenters directly on 07555 500 501. It will give the programme a stronger link with the audience and inform the stories it covers. At a time when trust in news is dropping, it’s a commitment to listen to the viewers and take their ideas seriously.

This innovation will also allow more crossover with the most talked-about issues raised on The Jeremy Vine Show in the mornings on Channel 5, which is also produced by ITN.

The new-look 5 News will also include a regular segment with Sian Williams looking at mental health and well-being. Sian has 15 years’ experience in this area and has recently passed a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, having spent three years delivering psychological therapy in the NHS and other areas.

Sian will focus on telling positive stories from across the country speaking to guests and viewers to share their impactful and relatable experiences.

Viewing figures from September 2021 show that 5 News has been watched by more than 44% of the TV viewing population so far this year, with programme audiences skewing younger than ITV’s and BBC One’s early evening news programmes. Compared to all other early evening news programmes, Channel 5’s existing 1700 bulletin attracts a higher proportion of women (60%) and viewers from DE socioeconomic groups (39%).

Editor, Cait FitzSimons said: “5 News tells the stories that matter most to Britain. Our new look show is dedicated to increasing our stories from around the UK. It’s a commitment to hearing how the decisions taken in Westminster filter down to towns and cities – and a chance for us to find the stories that aren’t being covered by other news programmes.”

Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, at Channel 5, said: “Everything about 5 News is getting bigger – more investment, more space and more time is being given to the stories that matter and, crucially, our audience. The extended format is packed full of elements designed to engage and inform our viewers. Importantly, we will have a connective thread between Channel 5’s main news and current affairs programmes, with 5 News reflecting the pace and energy of ‘Jeremy Vine’ each weekday.”

5 News presenter Sian Williams said: “I’m really looking forward to this next chapter of news on Channel 5.

“The new 5 News will allow us to delve deeper into stories that matter to our viewers – including one of the biggest issues of our time – our mental well-being.

“I’m passionate about good mental health and I’m really looking forward to exploring how what goes on in the world, impacts our viewers’ lives. They have trust and confidence in us to tell their stories and I hope they will embrace and maybe have some fun with us too, as we begin the next generation of 5 News.”

5 News presenter Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije said: “The new Channel 5 News continues to deliver everything we’ve always offered viewers; covering top stories, reaching out across the UK, talking about the issues people care about, but now we are taking that that much further. It’s so exciting to be a part of such an ambitious project.”

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