Channel 5 Announces Japanese Disaster Documentary From ITN Productions

Channel 5 today announced that it has commissioned a documentary from ITN Productions on the recent Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami.

Tsunami: British Search and Rescue will follow the British International Search and Rescue (UK-ISAR) Team sent to Japan in the wake of the earthquake. The film will take viewers beyond the news reports to offer – through the experience of these individuals – a real sense of what the situation is really like in Japan and what it takes to confront disaster on this kind of scale.

With the threat of radiation looming, we’ll see the British team demonstrating bravery, compassion and skill in truly appalling circumstances as they come to the aid of the Japanese people. The camera crew followed the UK-ISAR team through every stage of their mission; from the moment they left the UK to the day they arrived back. The one-hour documentary details the devastation they found, the physical obstacles they had to contend with and the huge emotional strain this kind of work puts on even the toughest and most experienced professionals.

John Hay, Commissioning Editor for Factual at Channel 5, comments ‘The UK’s international Search and Rescue teams are made up of genuinely extraordinary people; they fly into situations that anyone else would flee and confront catastrophic scenes with bravery, compassion, determination and skill. The access the ITN team had was second to none, and the track record of ITN Productions means I know we’ll get a powerful and moving film, so we knew we wanted to secure this for Channel 5 viewers’

Chris Shaw, Editorial Director at ITN Productions, said ‘This documentary will take a unique and timely look at the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami by following the herculean efforts of the UK search and rescue teams. It’s the type of ultra topical high quality current affairs programming that ITN Productions excels in and I’m delighted that Channel 5 has commissioned us for this primetime documentary.’

Tsunami: British Search and Rescue is made by ITN Productions and the Executive Producer is Chris Shaw.

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