ASAE’s Greg Melia appointed to lead Industry News in the US

Greg Melia, CAE, Chief Member Relations and Strategy Development Officer for ASAE, has been appointed by ITN Productions to lead Industry News, their US associations content and communication business.

Greg joins on July 27 as VP of Program Development USA, Industry News, ITN Productions and will help introduce Industry News to the US association community at ASAE’s Annual Meeting, August 13-16 in Salt Lake City.

Industry News is produced by ITN Productions, the commercial and creative arm of world-leading news and multimedia content company ITN. News-style programmes are developed in partnership with leading bodies and national associations as a means of providing constructive, accurate and positive storytelling in a compelling current affairs format; about particular sectors and professions.

With more than 17 years working with associations and non-profit organisations, Greg’s experience in the sector will further establish Industry News as an authoritative and credible way for associations to communicate with, and on behalf of their members, providing them with exceptional value.

Industry News launched in the US in 2015 and is well-established in the UK as a trusted partner with more than 40 national associations from sectors ranging from banking to health, engineering to hospitality, education to energy.

Greg said: “Quality video content is essential to associations’ relevance and competitiveness. Industry News is a proven model helping associations share their key messages through trusted, high quality news-style programs. I’m excited to bring this exceptional service to more associations in the U.S. to help them meet the rapidly increasing demand for quality video content. I look forward to helping forge partnerships between this world-class news organization and leading U.S. associations.”

Head of Industry News, Simon Shelley, said: “We are delighted to welcome Greg to our team. He is an incredibly well-respected member of the US association community and as a passionate communicator shares our conviction about video being the most powerful tool for associations to engage and influence their stakeholders, and in turn enabling them to achieve their core objectives.”

About Industry News

Industry News programs are made up of in-depth interviews with industry leaders and influencers, independent news items covering key topics and issues delivered alongside sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations. We profile passionate people who have success stories to tell that will galvanise others to shape a positive future, and often attract people to start a career in that sector.

The custom-made programs developed in partnership with leading associations such as the American Society of Travel Agents and the American Medical Group Association facilitate the exploration of each industry in a way that is forward-thinking and positive; allowing for the celebration of successes in different sectors which are often ignored by news networks and media.

Reporter-led films are structured like a news report, out on location at the heart of the story. Presented by trained journalists, they add authority and authenticity to your story. The role of a newscaster/reporter is to deliver and clearly communicate concise and factual information, making complex information easy to understand.

Once we have the content created by working with the Association and their members, we then want to ensure that the entire sector have an opportunity to engage with it. An annual convention or conference provides a superb platform to premiere the program.

Viewers are guided to the association’s website where the content is published, while a bespoke marketing campaign also uses direct email distribution, press and media channels, and social media to reach the target audience.

Press contact: Laura Roberts, Head of Press and Public Affairs, ITN +44 20 7430 4825

About ITN Productions:

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Industry News is a communications tool for leading industry bodies and national associations produced in a broadcast news programme format, including interviews, news-style items and sponsored editorial profiles. For more information visit:

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