ITN Productions to produce 'After the News' for ITV

ITV’s new live topical discussion programme, After The News, which debates Britain’s biggest talking points, will launch on Monday night (Oct 9).

The show, which starts at 10.45pm on ITV, will be hosted separately five nights a week by broadcasters Emma Barnett and Nick Ferrari, and will feature a range of high-profile guests from news, politics, and popular culture.

The host will be joined for the duration of the 30-minute programme by two guests with passionately-held and differing views for a lively and combative discussion on a range of stories and issues.

Among the guests on the first show, hosted by Nick, will be shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry.

After The News aims to be the last word on the major talking points of the day and to combine them with fresh insights into the next morning’s big stories, taking perspectives from social media to fuel the conversation in the studio.

Guests lined up to appear on the show include Nigel Farage, Alastair Campbell, Ann Widdecombe, Nick Clegg, Nicky Morgan, Jason Isaacs, Chuka Umunna, Quentin Letts, Julia Hartley-Brewer, and Alex Salmond.

Depending on the news agenda, the panel may be joined by an additional interviewee or contributor who is at the heart of a major news story, and the programme will make room for single interviews on particularly high-profile topics.

Emma, who hosts her own show on Radio 5 live, will present every Tuesday and Friday night, while LBC host Nick will front the show on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The pair will alternate on Mondays.

Emma Barnett said: “News has never been so newsworthy – which is ironic in an era when we’ve got more access to the hard stuff than ever before. I love being in the middle of the day’s biggest issues and separating truth from spin. I look forward to getting going with this new late night news show. So bring it on.”

Nick Ferrari said: “With everything from the recent terror attacks, to the complexities of Brexit and even the horror of one of the worst peacetime disasters in history with the Grenfell tragedy, rarely has the news agenda been so compelling and ever-changing. This show seeks to reflect that.”

Executive producer Ian Rumsey, Head of Topical Programmes, ITN Productions said: “We’re aiming to go behind the headlines every night – and also bring some of the next day’s big stories forward. We won’t just be sticking simply to the news agenda, our programme will also focus on many of the other things that Britain is really talking about that day.”

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