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Tanni Grey-Thompson salutes 'Legacy' of London 2012

Report by Simon Parker

Eleven time Paralympic gold medalist Tanni Grey-Thompson reflected on the impact of the London 2012 Paralympic Games on Sunday.

Discussing the 'legacy' of London 2012, she highlighted the impact the Games can have on the public perception of disibility sports, not only in the UK, but across the globe.

“I think the Paralympics will change attitudes,” said Thompson.

“The first and foremost thing about the Paralympics is someone winning and someone losing. Its sport.

“But I have heard so many people come up to me at these games and say ‘I didn’t realise this is what disabled people could do’, so I think it will be hugely positive.

“Also I think that the countries who don’t send athletes to the Games will want to be a part of it. There were sixteen new countries at these Games and I think we are going to see another big step up by Rio."

The Paralympic Games draw to a close on Sunday evening, bringing an end to eleven days of paralympic action.


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