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TomTato - tomato and potato hybrid plant launched

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

A hybrid plant that combines a tomato and a potato has been launched in the UK.

The firm behind the TomTato has called it a"Veg plot in a pot" and says it could help many people grow their own vegetables at home.

Project Development Manager at Thompson and Morgan, Michael Perry, said: "It's a hundred per cent natural, so no GMs involved, it is completely natural and safe and each plant is grafted by hand so a very, very delicate process."

The grafting process involves providing a clean cut on the two plants and taping the ends together until they heal.

The procedure has been around for more than 15 years but hasn't been made commercially available until now.

"It's not a gimmick at all, it is brilliant space saving, you know we've got less space in our gardens these days, we can't all get on the waiting list for allotments, we don't have veg patches, but these can be grown really really easily on the patio. So you've got two plants, two crops in one pot and more excitingly a fruit and a vegetable: the tomato and the potato," said Perry.


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