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Woman breaks world record for 100m run in high heels

Report & Video by Ashley Fudge

Running in high heels has the potential of leaving you with a broken shoe.

However, a woman from Germany has avoided the 'unthinkable' and broken a world record instead.

Julia Plecher, from Ruckersdorf, has run 100 metres in 14.531 seconds, wearing shiny golden heels.

She has raced into the Guinness World Records and has been included in its 2014 book.

Julia has a history of running in heels. She took part in a 'stiletto race' in Berlin back in 2009, and despite the rule being a seven centimetre heel, she chose an 8.5 cm one. She ended up winning the race.

Julia has previously said the key to not falling over is unsurprisingly now the show is made.

"You need shoes which ideally are closed in the front because you run on the front part of the foot. You have to be careful not to slip out. I think sandals would not be too appropriate," Plecher said.


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