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Hero dog to become animal rights ambassador in Manila

Report & Video by Mark Morris

A dog who saved the lives of two girls in the Philippines is to become an animal rights ambassador, after receiving treatment in the US.

Kabang the shepherd-mix returned home to Manila on Saturday, receiving a hero's welcome from local animal lovers.

She had her snout ripped off in December 2011 when she jumped in front of a motorbike that was about to hit two girls.

With limited vetinarian experience in the Philippines to deal with the dog's injuries, Kabang's future looked bleak.

But that changed when a private organisation called Care For Kabang raised $27,000 from the general public to pay for the animal to travel to California for surgical treatment.

Now Kabang is back in Manila, the Animal Welfare Coalition is planning to build on her new-found celebrity status by grooming the dog to become a canine ambassador for animal rights.


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