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Dog fashion show in New York

Report by Sarah Kerr, Video by Rob Gillett

Forget catwalks during New York's Fashion Week, a dog fashion show has taken place in the city to raise money for animal shelters.

Hundreds of canines and their pet-loving owners packed the ballroom of a Midtown hotel in a bid to raise money for the tri-state area shelters.

The dogs were dressed to impress with one pampered Pomeranian,Sophia, sporting a custom designed doggy outfit worth $14,000.

"Well, this is a very special cause," said Genna Odda, who came up from Mississippi with her husband and dog, Sophia.

"I really think that being able to donate and contribute to something that helps animals is a very good cause - it's well worth the effort.

"She loves it. She's a little ham. She's a good girl. She seems like she's more relaxed than momma is," Genna added.

The doggy fashion show, which had a Gatsby/Roaring '20s theme, featured three different shows.

One of which featured only rescued animals who received their preparation from celebrity dog groomer, Jorge Bendersky.

"If he (the dog) sees you all happy and excited because you're going to go out, he's going to be excited about going out with you.

"So today, that's what we do. We give them a lot of love. Everything we're doing today, all the glamour is to show that New York cares about less fortunate dogs," he said.

The timely scheduled event took place at the start of the haute couture fashion shows and ahead of the elite Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


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