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Wacky inventions to aid long-distance travel in China

Report & Video by Mark Morris

People in China are heading home for their New Year holidays, and with some journeys taking as long as three days, people have been coming up with gadgets to ease the travel pain.

One creative inventor came up with a rubber chicken that makes a noise.

The idea behind it was that the noise would be so irritating that people blocking aisles on trains would move out of the way.

Another gadget that a former physics teacher has come up with is a trolley that doubles up as a sleeping stand.

If you are tired, all you need to do is unfold the invention and, hey presto, you have got somewhere to rest your head.

The bizarre inventions and gadgets have taken Chinese blogging sites by storm, but they are not selling that well just yet.

Perhaps by next year's mass migration, we will be seeing more of these odd creations on China's overcrowded trains.


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