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Phonekerchief: A handkerchief for mobile phones

Report & Video by Lauren Hood

A product designer in New York has unveiled the Phonekerchief, which can be wrapped around a mobile phone to stop cell signals.

Inventor Ingrid Zweifel hopes it will bring back etiquette into the mobile world we live in today, where everybody is constantly checking their phones for updates and information.

"So this is a signal blocking phone pocket that helps you turn off distractions in order to be fully engaged with someone or something," the 32-year-old explained.

The Phonekerchief is made out of nylon and silver and blocks all cell signals when a mobile device is tightly wrapped inside it.

After launching her first generation Phonekerchief that has to be wrapped around a device in a certain way, Zweifel got feedback that it is difficult to use, so she came up with an improved design that she calls Blokket.

Blokket is in the form of a pouch, and has a rubber band attached that come in four colours.

Zweifel does not argue that technology is bad, but thinks that there should be rules on when to turn technology off as a gesture of politeness.

Blokket will be sold at New York's Museum of Modern Art design stores and online.


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