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Parrots rescued from animal traffickers in Paraguay

Report & Video by Rob Gillett

Hundreds of parrots rescued from animal traffickers in Paraguay just before Christmas are recovering at a national park.

The blue-fronted amazons which are native to South America are valued by pet collectors for their bright feathers and their ability to mimic human speech.

Experts at the Enciso National Park in Boqueron think many of the young birds were snatched from their nests to be sold on the black market where they can fetch more than $2,000.

Paraguay's Environment Minister, Heriberto Osnaghi said: "The intention is to re-incorporate them into nature in what we call natural conditions.

"We estimate that in a month, some will be able to be released under the care of technicians.

"It is a big effort for the Environment Ministry."

Many of the birds are in sad shape having lost feathers where they were transported in the poachers' truck.

They will eventually be moved to a specially designed aviary which they can leave voluntarily when they are ready to head back into the wild.


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