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Elephants play football in Nepal

Report & Video by Matt Blake

Two teams of young elephants went head to head and tusk to tusk in a soccer match in Nepal on Friday, as part of a festival to raise awareness for conservation in the area.

The final was between sponsors Kist Bank and Gasuri Shankar Development Bank and saw the former walk away with a 6-0 win.

Despite the pachyderms being mounted by riders, Sanjaya Adhikaeri from Kist Bank insisted that it was more the elephants playing than the human riders.

He said: "This is not being played by men, it is being played by wild animals and it is really enjoyable. People will get the message all over the world that an animal which is very difficult to train in the household is playing the soccer for the entertainment of the people. That's why we participate every year and it is very successful for us."

It is the ninth international Elephant Festival and the three-day event started on Wednesday (December 26).

There has also been an elephant race, an elephant beauty contest, a bull cart race, a horse cart race and other cultural shows over the three days.


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