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Escaped Lion Cub: School children take wild animal to class

Report & Video by Rob Gillett

School children have taken a lion cub to class in Russia after finding the animal wandering around their village.

The group took the animal into their school in the Rostov region to show it off to their classmates.

Teachers immediately called police about the wild animal which had no lead or muzzle and shut it in the school gym until officers arrived.

Eventually experts from the Rostov City Zoo were called in to help, much to the amazement of the staff.

The zoo's Deputy Director, Irina Gribanova said: "We didn't believe it at first but when the police called we knew it was no joke.

"When we saw it with our own eyes we were really amazed.

"I've worked at the zoo for 32 years and never seen anything like this."

The cub, which is in good condition and thought to be about six months old, has been put in quarantine while police continue to search for its owner.


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