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Robot performs Gangnam Style dance

Report by Lauren Hood

A robot performing the Gangnam Style dance has won the single dance title at a robot competition in China's eastern city of Hangzhou.

More than 30 contestants from six universities attended the second Chinese Intelligent Exposition and Industrial Summit Forum which started on Thursday.

"Gangnam Style is quite a popular online video recently, and it is favoured by many people, we also think that this song is quite creative, so we decided to use this song as the background music," said Zhao Sheng, the designer of the Gangnam Style dancing robot.

Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper Psy has become a global sensation since being released in July and then uploaded to video sharing website YouTube.

The robot competition was divided into three categories, dancing, boxing and serving.

Single and double dance, ballet and eight-robot group dance competition categories were held on Thursday, according to China's CCTV broadcaster.

According to one contestant "costume design, choreography, coordination of the programme and music" were the three main criteria for grading the competition.


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