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iDie? Austrian company begins engraving QR codes onto graves

Report by Sam Datta-Paulin

As smart phones and on demand information become more and more a part of our lives, it seems even beyond the grave we are social networking.

Austrian company Aspetos has begun engraving QR codes - detailed bar codes which can be read by smart phone cameras - onto gravestones. When scanned, the code brings up a link to pictures, videos, memories and biographies of the deceased.

Far from simply being a tourist trap for famous monuments - there are no plans to inscribe any major public memorial - this is seen as a way of families and well-wishers paying their respects to ordinary folk.

The company have begun to engrave stones using a method similar to sand blasting, although they will not go live, for want of a better phrase, for a few weeks.

Even the dead have secrets, however, and most information will only be available to those with passwords.

Like more traditional gravestones, for those who knew the deceased, this is a chance to remember them even after they have signed out and joined the big social network in the sky.


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