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World's strongest seven-year-old carries 90kg man

Report by Mark Morris

A seven-year-old boy from China has been dubbed the world's strongest child after he lifted his 90kg dad.

Yang Jinlong is quite heavy-set himself, and he showcased his tremendous strength in front of the press by carrying heavy loads.

First, Yang shouldered a 41kg bag of corn on his back, which most adult men find difficult.

Then, he lifted his father, who weighs 90kg, before pulling a car a few metres.

When asked by reporters why he is so strong, little Yang replied jokingly and coyly: "Because I'm fat."

"He has a good appetite, he eats a lot. He can eat two or three bowls of rice, similar to that of an adult. He has eaten lots since childhood," said his father.

Yang say he wants to become a weightlifting champion in the future, but at 51kg, he admits that he has to lose some weight first.


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